Mohsen Saghafy:

He was born in an educated  and political family in Tehran in 1360. He was taught the economical, philosophical and political teachings by his father. His first musical lessons were taught by Farzad Hakim Rabeth at the age of 13 in Orf classes at Maktab-e Pars(Pars School of Music). Then, he learned to play Tar and Iranian music under Hakim Rabeths teaching up to the age of 20. He started to learn the piano in 1378(1991) and continued his learning upto 1380(2001). His teacher was Miss Zhila Dargahi. Since 1389(2010), hes been learning the piano under Azad Hakim Rabet. Saghafy cooperated with Modern Music Orchestra conducted by Ali-Reza Mashayekhi and the Orchestra of Tehran University Research Center of Contemporary Music. He cooperated with some other concerts in Tehran Concert Halls. Also, he had a participation in recording the first collection of performed works composed by Ali-Reza Mashayekhi. These works were played by the Modern Iranian Music Orchestra. They were released by "Hermes Publication". Saghafy started to learn the principles of Compostion  and Harmony in 1378(1991). His teacher was Mohsen Elhamian. Following the continuous and rich teaching of Kiavash Saheb-Nasagh, Saghafy decided to choose Composition as his specialization. His being admitted to Music at Islamic Azad University, center branch  provided for him a good opportunity to become familiar with various university professors. The professors who had great influence on him in Composition, Counter-point, Form, Analysis, and Solfage were: Hassan Riahi, Mohammad Sarir, Farid Omran, Mostafa Kamal Poor-Torab, and Mehr-Azin Karandish. Saghafy learned conducting under Iraj Sahbaii and Manuchehr Sahbaii. After forming The String Orchestra of Azad University, Saghafy was given an appreciation for his being a conductor in the Fifth Music Festival of University Students.


While studying at Azad University, Saghafy benefited greatly from other professors whose classes were held in other universities. Among these, he mentions his attending the master classes of Composition and Harmony of Iraj Sahbaii and Form and Counterpoint of Reza Taffazoli. Saghafy became familiar with different aspects of music by participating in Ensemble and History of Music of Azin Movahed, the distinguished professor at Tehran University. These classes helped him a great deal to get a better understanding of music. He got his B.A. degree in music obtaining an Excelletnt Grade from Music Department of Azad University in Winter 1387(2008). His thesis research was on two topics: The first one is "A Survey on Literary, Artistic, Social and Political Background of the Emergence of School of Impressionism in France of 19th" Century and the second one is:"The Study and Analysis of Impressionistic Music Examining the Works of Claude Achille Debussy". Due to political records and activities, once in 1387(2008) and then in 1389(2010) his admission to university to continue his study was rejected by the government, so he was deprived to follow his ever-interest in Composition for M.A. program at university.


Saghafy has always believed that various kinds of arts should exist side by side and in relation of cultural, social and political issues with one another. They should be examined in order to provide the way for a better understanding of the development and learning process of human beings culture. Accordingly, he has followed his social and political activities right from the time when he began his cultural and artistic activities learning and studying other arts. As a result, he expanded his studies in visual arts by participating in classes of History of Art, Aesthetics, Art Criticism, History of Photography, and Feministic Aestheticism which all were instructed by Hamid Severy. Saghafys study in History and Theories of Visual Arts and Performance resulted in his writing and publishing a series of articles concerning the criticism of visual arts and performance and his cooperating with the Specialized Site"The Criticism of Iranian Contemporary Art" in  1388(2009). His activities in Photographic Art, Visual Arts and Performance have been continuing by participating in group exhibitions and holding individual exhibitions in Performance and Photography. Holding individual photography exhibition entitled "So Became Arg" which was on Bam Arg after the earthquake and the photography exhibition of "Violent Desires" which was on the fight of cocks are some examples of his experiences. His participation in group exhibition "The Performing Box" at Mohsen Gallery in Fall 1389(2010) and performing the multimedia work "Lasco" in the Symposium of "The Function of Performance in Modern Arts" held at Cultural Center of Ebne Sina (Avicina) in Winter 1387(2008) confirm Saghafys interest in these areas.      


Saghafys musical activities include his performing a Research Concert at Cultural Center of Autrian Embassy in Tehran in 1381, his participating in the Research Concert of Contemporary Musicians as composer and pianist playing the "Poem Conceto for Piano and Electronic Recorded  Sounds" at Faculty of Arts and Architecture of Islamic Azad University in Tehran 1382(2003), playing "String Quartet No.2" performed by "Carpedian" String Quartet in Saint Petersburg and being the critic and the member of Board of Writers of "Music Report", a magazine specialized in music.


Saghafys research tendencies and interests have resulted in writing, translating and publishing some articles on "Analysing Musical Pieces" and "Acquaintance with the Works of European Composers". He has held four scientific and academic Symposiums on "Acquaintance with Iranian Contemporary Composers" at Azad University. At these Symposiums coordinated by Saghafy, the works of some famous Iranian composers such as Ahmad Pezhman, Reza Vali, Kiavash Saheb-Nasagh, Hooshyar Khayam, Mani Jaafarzadeh, Mohammad-Reza Tafazoli, Azad Hakim Rabet and Peyman Yazdanian were thoroughly studied.